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Input Queues Architecture
Last updated 10 months ago.

You can write the user's planned events to the events table. Surely they can be edited. Every minute (or more if the time is not so exact) a cron job runs a command, it can be an artisan command, which goes through the events table from the database and looks if it is time to start one of them.


Hi Mkblade,

Thanks for your reply. The events are already in the database with the correct timestamp. But looping threw the table to check if we need to start anything every 5 seconds. Would be rather resource consuming?


If running a single query with selection over one or two columns and no joins every few seconds is too much for your server/db to handle, you need to re-evaluate your hosting solution.


@nCrazed I manage my own machines. It should not be an issue. But not sure what it would take from the machine when running queries every 5 seconds.


Thanks for the link :) I will look into that. Might be a usefull solution. is like beanstalkd correct?


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