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Last updated 2 years ago.

Yes, you can create your own modules in laravel which are separate apps, my current app has 4 folders under the app folder, all of which contain separate controllers, views, jobs etc.

Then you can setup routes to point to the different directories using something like:

Route::group(['middleware' => ['web']], function () {
    // namespace principalcontractor
    Route::group(['middleware' => ['auth', 'PrincipalContractorMiddleware'], 'prefix' => 'principalcontractor', 'namespace' => 'Principalcontractor\Http\Controllers'], function () {
        Route::get('/', function () {
            return view('Principalcontractor.views.index');

Thank you very much , but can you give me a simple project related to that idea to explain the way to do that .. please


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