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posted 8 years ago
Last updated 6 months ago.

I forgot to mention that I've tried with propertyStatus.status, property_status.status, but with no result...

Last updated 6 months ago.

In this case where you are just retriving one single property model with all one-one relations, why are you lazy-loading ?

I mean, lazy loading or not, the number of queries will be anyway 4 !

If not can you give a view of your schema.

Last updated 6 months ago.

It eager loading, by the definition from here:

Besides, the result that I'm returning to the user in through API and is in JSON format and that's why I need to select only certain columns and not all of them.

Last updated 6 months ago.

I'll redefine my question, in case I was not clear. This example is from the Query Builder documentation:

            ->join('contacts', '', '=', 'contacts.user_id')
            ->join('orders', '', '=', 'orders.user_id')
            ->select('', '', 'orders.price')

Can I select specific columns like that using Eloquent?

            with('contacts', 'orders')->
            get(array('', '', 'orders.price')->toArray();

I saw that it can be done using closure, but it can get messy if we have more joins using with().

Last updated 6 months ago.

I need that function as well. Would it be difficult to implement?

Last updated 6 years ago.

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