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I'm facing the same kind of issue.

I have a set of routes which are verified by Entrust in my routes.php file:

// only admin will have access to routes under admin prefix Entrust::routeNeedsRole('admin*', 'admin');

It works perfectly locally but doesn't work on my forge production server.

I get this, since I moved to Laravel 5.1:


HttpException in Application.php line 839:

  1. in Application.php line 839
  2. at Application->abort('403') in Entrust.php line 96
  3. at Entrust->Zizaco\Entrust{closure}(object(Route), object(Request))


It must be related to Zizaco\Entrust but the weird thing is that it just works on my homestead VM.

Note: before I upgraded to 5.1, my error was on the exact same line as yours : 'HttpException in Application.php line 904'

I might not be that related though. Does any experienced user have a clue?



me too.


@naimkhalifa You should set last parameter to false. i guess it ll be helpful


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