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Last updated 2 years ago.

You possibly could force your project into Laravel, but it would probably be better to redesign it to use modern techniques.

I think you'll find that most of your old code would be removed (validation, checking $_POST etc) as much of that is already provided for you.


First of all deep behind the scenes laravel is flat PHP, but a lot of work went into it to make things easier on users. Even in eloquent all of those queries that I have short cuts they all have to be converted at run time to regular SQL anyway so again they put a lot of work into this framework to make things seem easier for users. Bottom line it's still regular PHP being done deep in the background.


But it seems more complicated for beginners. The dependencies, confusions on laravel versions, view setting on blade and soo on... (May be because i am a beginner)


I am in the process of converting a very large codebase to Laravel and you'll be amazed at how much validation etc. you won't have to do. This is my first site with Laravel and there is a learning curve, but once you have a few a-ha! moments you'll be coding faster than you would be otherwise. The dependencies and versions are moot IMO. I just upgraded from Laravel 5 to 5.1 in less than 10 minutes and as long as you are using "use" statements to include your models there really aren't any dependency issues to worry about. If you invest the time to learn it up front, you'll be generating pages way faster than you would with flat PHP. The issue you'll have IMO is navigating the Laravel documentation since it isn't documented very well in terms of what it replaces using flat PHP (Eloquent especially).


jeremybalog said:

once you have a few a-ha! moments you'll be coding faster than you would be otherwise.

This made my day!


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