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posted 8 years ago
Last updated 1 year ago.

why not use {{URL::to('/contactus')}}?


I use named routes and this helper:

if (!function_exists('active_route')) {
    function active_route($route, $classname = 'active')
        if (Route::currentRouteNamed($route) || Route::is($route)) {
            return ' ' . $classname;

        return '';

And use it like this:

<div class="left-link-container{{ active_route('transparency.campaigns') }}">
    <a href="{{ route('transparency.campaigns', $state) }}">Campaigns</a>
<div class="left-link-container{{ active_route('*transparency*event*') }}">
    <a href="{{ route('', $state) }}">Events</a>

Ok But i need to get parent link, for eg i'm in main menu Furniture then go to the submenus like sofas here i need to highlight the main menu furniture any posibblities?,..


Use the same helper in the parent menu and in the helper parameter, use just furniture or something like that.


Sorry i can't get you, i need to get both parent and child category then check the condition if requested url is the sub category or child category i need to highlight the main parent category. please give me an example to do that.


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