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Last updated 2 years ago.

As far I understand you, you want to add parameters to your pagination. How do they look like? I can't imagine a usecase where you need so many parameters.

Could you pls post an example of your request uri?

If you really have such a request you should overthink your usecase. The $_GET params should only be used for a "few" params. If you want more use $_POST, but then you need to modify the default pagination.


My data looks like this

380673113513 380673113514 380673113515 380673113516 ... and a few thousand more

I break them into an array $numberList = explode("\r\n", $request['inputList']);

And I make a selection with pagination $objects = Number::has('object')->with('object')->whereIn('number', $numberList)->Paginate(1000);

To work pagination, I retransmit the data of my form {{ $objects->appends(['inputList' => $_REQUEST['inputList']])->links() }}

As a result I have such links

If there is a lot of data, the string is very long and the server returns an error 414 Request URI Too Large

Last updated 7 years ago.

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