Connecting MySQL over SSL

mfsi-subhranil posted 5 years ago

How i connect MySQL using SSL. How I can configure it in databse.php ?

I added all my .pem files along with connection parameter like by following

'mysql' => array(
		'driver'    => 'mysql',
		'host'      => 'localhost',
		'database'  => 'testDB',
		'username'  => 'root',
		'password'  => 'testPWD',
		'charset'   => 'utf8',
		'collation' => 'utf8_unicode_ci',
		'prefix'    => '',
                    'options'   => array(
                            PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_SSL_KEY    => '/var/www/cert/client-key.pem',
			PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_SSL_CERT    => '/var/www/cert/client-cert.pem',
			PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_SSL_CA    => '/var/www/cert/ca-cert.pem'                

After this i run SHOW STATUS LIKE 'Ssl_cipher' query which returns empty value for Ssl_cipher.

But if i do it with core PHP like

$db = mysqli_init();
mysqli_options ($db, MYSQLI_OPT_SSL_VERIFY_SERVER_CERT, true);

$db->ssl_set('/var/www/cert/client-key.pem', '/var/www/cert/client-cert.pem', '/var/www/cert/ca-cert.pem', NULL, NULL);

$link = mysqli_real_connect ($db, 'localhost', 'root', 'testPWD', 'testDB', 3306, NULL, MYSQLI_CLIENT_SSL);

It works and return value for Ssl_cipher.

Thanks, Subhranil

mfsi-subhranil replied 5 years ago Solution

I able to figure it out. Its working now. My certificate folder had an permission issue.

Thanks, Subhranil

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