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posted 7 years ago
Last updated 2 years ago.

Although I'm not very experienced in laravel, i know what's probably happening.

When visiting /articles, the css and js files are being served from root "/" directory still, in a relative manner (files are in their correct spot. /css/styles.css, for example).

However, when you go two directories deep in the url structure, the css and js files are being served relative to the current directory, which is now /articles/. Now the Web server is looking for these files in locations such as /articles/css/style.css, which obviously does not exist.

Possible fixes:

  • use base tag in head of document with full root url as href attribute value (not best solution)


<title>app name</title>
<base href="">
  • alternatively, and perhaps better, use base tag with route helper in blade view to fetch root url (still not best solution)

Example :

<title>app name</title>
<base href="{{ route('') }}"

With example of named route of the following in app/Http/routes.php

Route::get('/',  ['uses' => 'IndexController@showIndex',  'as'  => '']);

By using the route helper method above you are affording yourself being untied to your current routes and url structure. You could change the / to /newindex in routes and the base href in this template would remain the same provided the route name stays the same too.

  • setting rewritebase in Apache .htaccess (or similar server config file) - (it'll work, but still not best)
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
  • use full url with domain name in link and script tags (still not best)
<script src="">

And, finally :

  • use URL::asset() (this is the best solution)
<script src="{{ URL::asset('css/styles.css") }}
Last updated 7 years ago.

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