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You have already experience in php that's a plus point but don't abandon it. Learn some other skills like node and python it will help you in long term. I like php b'coz it get thing done quickly with ( php has saved me many times ). I am self taught and in three years i have tried many technologies like dot net, java, python. Like it or not php is better. I personally hate java b'coz what i can do i 10 lines of code in python for same thing i need to write atleast 30-40 line of java code.

Just learn something more that will help you in long run.


Keep applying - the decent jobs are out there if you have the skills - the problem with PHP is there are so many developers (and script kiddies that call themselves developers) that it is very competitive. Failing that there is a ton of freelance work available and you get to be your own boss :)


I get your feeling.

It is true that PHP does have a lot of weaknesses and have a bad reputation of having handful of PHP amateurs code in a not so practical way due to its loose coding style. The lack of security awareness leads to many security vulnerabilities to the public. But these are not entirely PHP's fault, right?

Tho one thing to point out, as a developer, one should never categorize him/herself specifically to a certain language, aka "XXX developer". You are not limited to use only one language, pick the one you are most comfortable with and the most suitable for the project you are currently on.

Just curious: what makes you all of a sudden start to hate PHP?


Honestly you just sound like an horrible arrogant guy trying to find excuses for his failures.

I used to stay 2nd ranker in my college.

Overall doesn't mean shit.

I kept getting EASY, NO CHALLENGING projects which lead me NO GROWTH in career thus far.

Then find another job and take personal projects. It's not challenging ones that are lacking, PHP or not.

I didnt get to work on complex technologies in my company , so in turn i could not get decent job today.

Sorry are you 60yo and still doing Java 1.3? Oh wait, you can get a decent job even with Java 1.3 actually. You've got two years of experience so your still young, it's not to late to learn and it's up to you to create opportunities to lear more, at your company or by yourself at home.

DID i make mistake by choosing LOWEST technolgies on planet earth , creating DUMB , CHEAP php developers ??

PHP is not to blame, you are. When a PHP app is bad, the problem is not PHP, it's the developer. And that applies to E-V-E-R-Y language. So re-evaluate yourself before being so rude to people like that.

Sometimes when i hear php word , I swear if PHP was a man , i would have KILLED it! I now HATE PHP(i used to love it a year back) !!

Then change, and it will turn out to be the same because the problem is you not PHP.


First of all: you didn't loose time learning PHP, maybe you didn't have a challenging environment to test some amazing complex php stuff. Did you work with PHP >7.1? have you ever used some advanced PHP frameworks like Symfony before? Does those names mean something for you: Doctrine ORM, Composer, Twig, RabbitMq? If you have never heard of this stuff then: there's a lot to learn about PHP :)

By the way, the company where I'am working now uses PHP and some apps have sometimes ~1m hits per day and our PHP stack can handle it just fine.


You need to keep patience. PHP is in the list of top programming languages so you can not say that it is worst. There is a number of popular PHP frameworks available such as Laravel, CodeIgniter that makes it more efficient language. So just do your best and you will be the expert PHP programmer!


I love this thread.. I started learning PHP 1.5 months ago and laravel 1week ago.. I've started feeling same way if I'm learning outdated language.. but after reading replies given in this thread, I've renewed my love with PHP


Please stop your arrogance as " the brillant student" and set your school life aside because for me it's completly different than proffessional one.. PHP is not useless. most of the websites running now are made with it.. Facebook the most popular social network is made with PHP.. Getting involved in simple tasks it's not because of the technology you chose! you might get through the same situation in other programming languages too since you'r not progressing..


That was the BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEST mistake of my life I guess. I kept getting EASY, NO CHALLENGING projects which lead me NO GROWTH in career thus far.

Well, now the challenge begins )) Go and learn Python. Python is here for years. Lot of web apps are made with Python. And a lot of ML/Big Data/Data engineering tools use Python too. So it is a good investment.


If "career growth" is what you are seeking for, you should not be seeking for the "best programming language", instead try to improve your skills in team management, leadership and product management (lot of challenges waiting for you there).

Instead of "leaving" PHP, be a guy who is able to analyze the problem at hand and make a sound judgement which technology/language is the best choice for that problem. this is called Polyglot programming

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