Default values on pivot table for attach/save

Hi, is there any way to set default values for the pivot table for attach and save? So rather than having to write

Foo::things()->attach(2, ['bar' => 'baz']);

every time when 'bar' == 'baz' most of the time, is there any way to set bar to baz by default if it's not set? I tried overriding the attach() method in the model, but then realized I can't do that since the attach() method is in the relationship class, not the Model class. Is there anywhere the attach() method can be extended/overriden or where default values can be set?


  • 2 years ago

Sorry to bump, but would anyone know if this is at least possible in theory (without modifications to the framework)?

I don't know if this is still actual but you can set default values on your database, and just leave this empty.