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Last updated 2 years ago.

Update: PHP is in my PATH.


To make an alias you can use: doskey artisan=php artisan $*

But it only works until you close the terminal, to make it stick look at


I'm aware of aliases, but my previous setup worked without them... If I renamed artisan, it would just work with the new name - no need to create a new alias. I remember that I'd set this up over two years ago, but can't remember how I did it.

Going to have to use aliases for now.


Guessing again.

If you rename artisan to artisan.php and double click on it and select php to be the default program for .php files it'll work too.

Security wise that might not be the best option if someone sends you a rogue .php file.


Just struck me: I'm sure I did something to support shebangs in Windows, but all the articles I've read don't seem to be what I had before. Nonetheless, still can't be sure 100% what I did to get this to work.

@tkprocat - I could do that, but the idea is for it to work out of the box, without any renaming.


have you added the php bin path to windows PATH ?


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