Is it a good idea to create an clone application (like dropinn for airbnb) using laravel framework?

umega posted 4 years ago

I want to create a clone application in laravel, but I am little concerned about the user reactions. First I am an Phalcon user but I can't make users to install the Phalcon extension, so I turned to laravel now. I have made few apps in Laravel but still I have no how to convert the framework in to the user implied application (like CMS - wordpress, joomla, drupal)

So I can the Laravel community help in pointing out similar (cloned) applications built on the Laravel and help me start by clone business.. :)

moon0326 replied 4 years ago for CMS :)

ganeshkumar123 replied 3 years ago

With the help of Laravel and Cakephp frameworks, it is possible to create clone scripts of any kind of websites like airbnb, freelancer and etsy. I have seen some of the clone scripts developed by this company, Agriya. Their clone scripts Getlancer bidding, Burrow, Buysell script are effective clones of popular websites. Their etsy clone is developed using laravel. Find more here

williamsondeep replied 2 years ago

If you are interested in creating clone websites here it is our one of the best and popular product -

markpeteson replied 2 years ago

Yes it is very good idea to create a clone Laravel Frame work.

Best Airbnb clone script in #1 Laravel Framework - - Airbnb Clone Script it is awesome we can manage it from admin easily Laravel is a best secured Frame work for Airbnb clone i highly recommend this clone check it out.

More Details -

Download Link -

Demo Link -

It based on deep research on the most popular travel booking websites such as, tripadvisor, etc...

vigneshpalanivel replied 2 years ago

Yes, it is great idea to develop airbnb clone product using Laravel framework.

Below link is one of the airbnb clone script. But, it's developed by using Laravel and AngularJS.


This product has released a stable version and it has 3 difference packages such as Free, Professional and Enterprise.

It has great look and feel like Airbnb and also has same features like Airbnb.

Hope, it will help you.

PatrickLake replied 1 year ago

I agree that this is a good idea! Maybe this article will help you in making your decision -! It describes basic points of Airbnb clone development process.

maxweb4u replied 1 year ago

Since I am a CTO of an app development company, that’s one of the most popular questions I get. Yes, this is a good idea, just make sure it has certain unique features making your «clone» not a clone as it is but an alternative which is better in certain ways. We took some time to explain this a while ago, so check it out here:

dheekshani replied 1 year ago

Yes you can create highly functional website clones using laravel and PHP framework. Clone scripts are become hottest in the market and I would have seen some of the best clone scripts developed by this company,E commerce. They are best known in industry for their amazon and airbnb clones.

jamesdixxon replied 1 year ago

Making a clone of an existing app isn’t a simple process. With all the different design and functionality considerations across platforms how you choose to build out these elements will have a major impact on how your users feel about your app If you don’t take into consideration platform and device differences and decide to build a direct clone just to save money, there’s a good chance that all of the hard work you put into the design and build of your original app will go to waste and you’ll be left with users who are unhappy and unengaged with your product. When it comes to cloning an app, what you save in budget you lose in quality.

Constantine Harper replied 1 year ago

Before you start, you might want to know how much it would cost for you or for your investor. The money and the time is the thing you should be really interested in. This article clarify some of these questions.

Rachel replied 1 year ago

Hi, It is a great idea for creating airbnb clone with laravel framework. I have experienced a good work from Appkodes products they can easily develop airbnb product with attractive customization. You can also better try for Airfinch - Airbnb Clone for your more info please visit here

alex black replied 1 year ago

Laravel was first released in 2011, although it may seem as it is still a new framework to be tested, it has brought major advancements to the PHP community and with every new release, it is advancing. Laravel was designed to prevent many faults from happening in the development stages of coding and security. Laravel was created purposely to strengthen security, speeding up database migration without data loss, and make the entire process of creating web applications much easier. Find below the top benefits of using Laravel framework when coding your project.

Nathaniel Farmer replied 10 months ago

A clone script similar to airbnb in laravel framework is indeed a great idea. But the are two main factors you must consider when building your airbnb clone script.

a) You should have the financial resource to develop a airbnb clone on laravel b) It is a very time consuming process (Minimum 60 days)

If you have the resources then you can go ahead.

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