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Depending on your requirements, you may also consider just using Lumen.


if your app is just an API then go with Lumen, it's designed to build primarily API's.

also checkout Dingo API, it comes with authentication such as JWT and Basic Auth


Lumen is suitable for micro services and if you have a simple, short (non-complex) and fast RESTful API, use Lumen, other ways use Laravel.

Laravel provide you a lot of features appropriated for this. In fact, I recently created a complete course about RESTful APIs with Laravel. Check it here

This course explains very complex concepts like HATEOAS, OAuth2 with Laravel passport, cache, pagination and much more.

Surely will be very useful.


create routes in routes/api and return in that controller. now connect to url/api/yourapicontroller from android using volley and manipulate it.


Use Lumen to create your REST API. Lumen is a micro-framework built on top of Laravel. The framework is ideal for small apps and services that are optimized for speed.

You can take a look at this tutorial which explains step by step to create REST API with Laravel Lumen. It's really easy you should give it a try.


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