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Database Eloquent Architecture
Last updated 2 years ago.

Hello, Could you write a detailed question?

Laravel doesn't have a "normal" model. In fact they have a model with NOS in it. Every model in Laravel is a direct relationship with database table (unless you don't use eloquent - then it's just a model).

Mostly the logic in model won't be needed but there is some cases.

Please feel free to go thru . It should answer most of your future questions.

Have fun in the laravel world!


Hello. If you are using a database, the best way to use the tables and access data is through models extending for the base model from laravel (Eloquent). If you don't use a database the models could seems a little inncessary but if you really want to keep a MVC architecture, you can still using models, with your own methods/functions and is not mandatory to use the base model (Eloquent).

If you are starting with Laravel I recommend you this course, could be helpful during the learning process:

Or if you want something more deeper or specific, here you have a good course about RESTful APIs with Laravel:

Hope it helps :)

Best wishes.


Thanks for the info!!! Much appreciated


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