I want to implement SSO based Authenticaiton in laravel5

Hello Guys,

I have application build in core php and with eloquent ORM and i am going to move it to fully laravel5. In my site i have sso based authentication (SOAP),which is as simple as this

Index.php => Check Session => Redirect To SSO => Come Back on Success (Login.php?gid=token) => Check User With Token & Start Session => Back To Index.php

Please suggest if there is any package or snippet that can help me. i want to wrap this code into package so that that it can also used for other applications based on same SSO.

Thank YOU!

astroanu replied 3 years ago

SSO is nothing but parsing headers, you can create a small library to do this for you.,

If you already have it in vanilla PHP consider refactoring that to a library

kingvish replied 3 years ago

Hi Astroanu,

Thank you for reply!

SSO is already implemented in and currently working for many and php sites. what i do in core is,

I want to replace default authentication module of laravel5 and implement custom SSO based authentication. where,

  • Login url will be changed to SSO url

  • Auth::check() code will be changed to SOAP request code to validate token

  • user and role table access will be changed to SOAP request to call respective method

I found this about vanilla vanilla jsconnect SSO

elite123 replied 3 years ago

If you all ready have the code refactor it into a library

The last SSO project I was involved with it had to tie in with MS Azure AD, eventually we when with simplesamlphp

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