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Hi Step1step2

Since you're done with bash_profiles, I will not tell you more about that. ;-)

Mcrypt is installed with every Vagrant laravel/homestead box. Could it be that you're not logged in to the box when you run the php artisan command? Remember that you should not run "php artisan" from your regular Mavericks installation, but that you should log in to you vagrant box via SSH first.

You log in to the vagrant box by running the following command in the terminal:

cd /your/vagrantBox/root vagrant up vagrant ssh

Then you can navigate to your laravel directory within the box and run your "php artisan" command.

Hope this helps.

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Here's a little expounding on this answer.

My Homestead / Vagrant / VirtualBox / Mavericks set up is:



For local development on my machine's built-in server I'd run terminal from ~/Sites/laravelproject/.

With Homestead I run my terminal from ~/Homestead/.

(note the Vagrantfile folder there)

So, in ~/Homestead/ I type:

  • vagrant up
  • vagrant ssh

IF I have Homestead.yaml set up correctly I can run Artisan in my development environment from the Vagrant ssh box in ~/Homestead/.

When all else fails,

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All this did not work. :-( I think I need help using TeamViewer.

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Hi step1step2,

Mavericks has a default php installed, usually version 5.4. If mcrypt is not installed in this version, then you need to check the default version. I use laravel with Mavericks.

Homebrew runs on version 5.5 of php.

Use this command to download php5.5 if you do not have it already:

run this in the terminal:

  • which php

confirm the php versions installed on your machine

  • ls /usr/local/

reference the absolute path to the php that has mcrypt installed then run the artisan command:

  • /path/to/php artisan route

If problem persists, I can help via TeamViewer.

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Can you add me in skype? I don't wanna post the login information in here. My skype is: stp1stp2

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@step1step2. Ok. I've sent you a request...

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Hm are you sure? Can you send the request again to stp1stp2?

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I have re-sent it. My Skype id is: elimeck.

Last updated 1 year ago.

Thank you very much for the help, I appreciate that! One important thing to notice was that it uses .zshenv instead of .bash_profile.

Last updated 1 year ago.

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