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Last updated 7 months ago.

Why even bother to use Wordpress? Thats for people that don't know how to program xD

Last updated 7 months ago.

If it were me and I had to pull this off as you described I would install Wordpress in the public folder of laravel..... so /home/user/public/wp


Then I would create the routes I want handled by Laravel.... Followed by a catch all that routes to WP

Route::get('/', array('as'=>'root', 'uses'=>'[email protected]'));
Route::get('home', array('as'=>'home', 'uses'=>'[email protected]'));
Route::get('login', array('as'=>'login', 'uses'=>'[email protected]'));

//catch all and route to wordpress
Route::get('/{alias?}', function($alias) {
  return Redirect::to('/wp/' . $alias);

It might need a little tweaking but as long as the wordpress files live in a folder inside Laravel's public folder then the URLs will route...... a more simple way would just have all wordpress links start with /wp/ then you don't even need the catch all it will auto route to the folder in public. But if you don't want people to have to do /wp/contact-us and you just want them to do /contact-us and hit wordpress then my example should work.

Last updated 7 months ago.

I am in this situation right now. Has this been resolved? Please share the solution. Thanks!

Last updated 7 months ago.

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