Blade templating "syntax error, unexpected end of file"

nacim444 posted 4 years ago

Hello everybody, here is my index.blade.php file :

@extends ("layouts.main")


<div id="admin">
	<h1>Categories Admin Panel</h1><hr>

	<p>Here you can view, create delete categories</p>

	@foreach ($categories as $category)
   <li>{{$category->name}} - {{Form::open(array('url'=>'admin/categories/destroy','class'=>'form-inline'))}}


	<h2>Create new category</h2><hr>

	@if ($errors->has())

	<div id="form-errors">
		<p>The following errors have acured:</p>
			@foreach ($errors->all() as $error)

		{{Form::submit('create category',array('class'=>'secondary-cart-btn'))}}

This code return an syntax error ! is there any error that cant cause that ? thx for your help

nacim444 replied 4 years ago Solution

Solved, a bad closing tag ( @endforeaRch) !

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