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posted 8 years ago
Last updated 10 months ago.

I am feeling like you. Nowadays there is no strictly seperation between front-end and backend-developer. Both have to learn things from the other part. On one hand this is good to know about both, but on the other hand you need to learn more and more. Also techniques changes from year to year, so it's an always learning process. I don't have a problem with that, but sometimes its hard to be up to date all time.

For the companies it might be also an advantage, when everybody can do anything or at least know the basics.

I am interested what others think about this topic, too.

Last updated 10 months ago.

I agree with your comments psychonetic. And the learning and being on top of your game is also what's appealing to me. As for front-end and back-end merging, for me it is a natural progression as learning one thing leads to another just through being interested. But my original intent was to try and decide if employers are asking for to much from a junior! I read job listings for php junior, and I can meet most of the criteria, but they make it sound like they want you to be an expert in all the areas, I though the idea of a junior was to have a good grasp and be ready to learn more from the seniors while helping out?

Last updated 10 months ago.

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