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posted 9 years ago
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That's a very open ended question...

You could checkout Cartalyst who make a Theme package. You could look at overriding Laravel's view finder or you could search for a "Laravel theme package", of which there are several.

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The best way is to create a method in your BaseController called MakeView and controller return $-this->makeView ('ViewName'); and there you decide which theme to use, you can put your themes in different folders.

***Here is an example: *BaseController

class BaseController extends Controller {
    private $theme;

    public function __construct() {
          $this->theme = Session::get('theme');

    protected function setupLayout() {
        if (!is_null($this->layout)) {
            $this->layout = View::make($this->layout);

    protected function makeView($viewname, $data=array()) {
        return View::make($this->theme.'.'.$viewname, $data);

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If you are working with Laravel 5 you can try igaster/laravel-theme


  • Views & Asset seperation in theme folders
  • Theme inheritence: Extend any theme and create Theme hierarcies & more...

Hi I am new in laravel for last 1 week. I have an assignment to develop an web application in which user select theme which he/she like. I have two different theme in laravel application now i want to switch one theme to another theme during runtime. I waste two days for this small task and i tried lot of thing like laravel/igastertheme package of you and follow it step by step but could not found success and i do not find any video link or tutorial to managing multiple theme in an application. I see you(igaster) in different threads or your package name. I request you please made a video how to use your package, add multiple themes and switch between these theme during run time its help me and beginner like me. i am very grateful to you.


all you need to do is change the css file that is being included ?


thanks for reply but i need to change entire theme folder not a single view and each theme have its on css if is switch theme during runtime then i access the css/js or assets fill automatically :-( like:

Last updated 7 years ago.

so the view files are also changed ?

change where to load views from in your app service provider, example

public function boot()
    $themeName = 'theme1';
    $this->loadViewsFrom([realpath(__DIR__ . '/../resources/themes/'.$themeName.'/views')]');

probably you want to create a service provider that will take care of this.


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