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Last updated 3 months ago.

Create the subdomain in Forge. Once it has been made, go in and edit it. Once I there, down in the bottom right you will see an edit drop down. You can choose to edit the nginx config file. Do that and a popup will appe with that particular domains nginx config details. Close to the top, you will see the path on the server to where it is pointing. You can just change that path to what you want.

Hopefully that will help, if not let me know. Sorry I can be more specific, it's from memory.


Edit: why do you want to do that anyway? Two staging servers with the same code and db? Doesn't seem to make sense if I am honest. Are you wanting separate DBs?

Last updated 6 years ago.

Ahh, that make sense. Thanks.

Basically, what's going on is that I have a back office application for a client running on a subdomain. They now want to make just a few of the routes in the application publicly available, but they want it to appear under a different subdomain that will make more sense to an end user.

I only mentioned that there is a staging version on that same server in case I needed to go the wildcard subdomain route. I wasn't sure if that extra existing subdomain would have an implication there.

Let me know if you think there is a better way to go about what I'm doing and thanks for the help!


How did you managed this? Did you find a better way?


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