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i just simply cant get this to work


Hi there,

Thanks for this tutorial. Indeed not much to find about laravel-echo itself.

I just have a question. We are using the same setup as you do. A Laravel API backend and a different frontend with angular. I was wondering where you putted the file which has the import Echo from 'laravel-echo'; and how to get the token there.

I only have the token when i am logged in.

Thanks :)


You saved my day(s). I was close to quit the whole idea of private channels.

Thank you very much!


Mate!!! If this works you save me hours of madness. I am doing a Vuejs app and I was struggling with the same packages. I am getting error: unauthenticated. I did not know that a header token could be passed with Laravel-echo. I will try this later and comment. Thanks!


Holy sh#@|# it works hehehe. Thank you very much!!!

@matthbon if you are still wondering where to import Echo. I'am importing it when user Logs in to get token or in a verification that I make if token it's stored locally so there is no need to login.


Great! @Tesseract what is the right way for implement a socket for authenticate user and guest. Thanks!!!


It works for me either when using Echo.private but when using Echo.join(...) ( + here,joining,leaving) it throws some errors in server log:

[12:31:32 AM] - mYBcuPMgMp4v6RqvAAAY left channel: presence-chat.ZPgLCxY6 (transport close)

(node:13265) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 11): Type
Error: Cannot convert undefined or null to object

(node:13265) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 12): Type
Error: Cannot convert undefined or null to object

[12:32:01 AM] - ILArCPOdNHlgywZaAAAZ authenticated for: private-chat.ZPgLCxY6

[12:32:01 AM] - ILArCPOdNHlgywZaAAAZ joined channel: private-chat.ZPgLCxY6

[12:32:01 AM] - ILArCPOdNHlgywZaAAAZ authenticated for: presence-chat.ZPgLCxY6

[12:32:01 AM] - ILArCPOdNHlgywZaAAAZ joined channel: presence-chat.ZPgLCxY6

(node:13265) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 13): Type
Error: Cannot set property 'socketId' of undefined

I'm using the same setup, angularjs with laravel 5.4 api and jwt-auth

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