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Installation Authentication Packages
Last updated 2 years ago.

We use Cartalsyt and can't reccomend them enough. Platform is what they call their cms. It's a great starting point:

  • users and groups with permissions
  • menus with drag and drop ordering
  • insanely easy module creation - the is awesome. You can create basic crud modules that you can expand on in literally seconds. This is awesome!
  • pages - it's ok, we have written our own though.
  • content - bits of reusable content. Nice for footer, header content etc
  • great config set up.
  • plus a load of other bits.

Other packages you have access to as a subscriber is a great cart system, conditions, api, datagrid.

If you google for cartalyst vimeo, there are a few videos that will give you an idea of the backend. Some of them are a little old now, but give you an idea.

There are some demos for some of the packages - but not for Platform that I am aware of.

Really very happy to reccomend these guys. They are very forward thinking and support is second to none. Just to confirm, I am a happy customer and not affiliated in anyway.

I've heard good things about orchestra. Again, it is a base to build from and judging by packaglist downloads very popular. I haven't used it myself.

I think Pongo CMS is Laravel, there is another called October CMS.

We decided to go with Cartalyst because the developers are taking an affordable subscription from you, they have a vested interest in moving things forward and fixing bugs - which leaves you to focus on building for your clients etc. Open Source solutions are fantastic too, but as there is no financial reward, progress can be a little slow. In makes business sense for us to work with Cartalsyt.

The other option is to build your own. There are a ton of packages out there now that make this really easy.

There are a few other more basic CMS starters out there. But not tried them. Hope it helps.

Last updated 2 years ago.

Wow, thank you for the kind words about our business.

We'll continue to strive to impress. Platform 2 is stable in november with some great additions. This made my day!

Dan Syme Owner / Founder Cartalyst

Last updated 2 years ago.

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