Proper way to destroy and re-create a VM with Homestead.

Hi everyone. I have followed the instructions here: to get a local Homestead VM. It worked perfectly and I got Laravel up and running (serve /public) and synced to a folder on my host machine (say ~/Code).

After trying to get Xdebug running, I messed up with a few configuration files (nginx.conf, php.ini, etc.). and thus, I destroyed that VM instance by running "vagrant destroy default". I then boot-up the VM again ('vagrant up') and ssh into the box. The files which I changed were reverted (expected) and the ~/Code directory had the Laravel sample app which I had created previously (again, expected as it was copied over from my host machine).

What I don't get is why the server was still running successfully and I could access my sample app from my host machine? I never ran 'serve /public' again and yet the server was already running serving the /public folder. I find this very confusing.

So what’s the correct way to destroy and recreate Homestead VMs? Cheers, SK.

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