Auth::check() or Auth::user() logs me out automatically

emilmoe posted 3 years ago

I'm facing an issue here which I don't think I had before, however I'm not sure what I changed to introduce it. It seems that I will automatically be logged out, when I have called Auth::check() or Auth::user(), but it's randomly. So if I keep logging into my site like 5-10 times finally I can see 1-2 pages, but next I'm logged out again. I hope any of you know what this issue may cause, as you can see it is very frustrating :-)

emilmoe replied 3 years ago Solution

I restarted the apache server and seemed to fix the problem, I don't know why. I also set the $primaryKey, just in case, although it's id:

martuico replied 3 years ago

It didn't solve my issue. I'm having the same problem

akoSalman replied 10 months ago

I have the same issue. Laravel prject logs me out automatically. I don't know why. This problem is local ENV (i'm running project through php artisan serve). When project is UP and running through apache there is no problem.

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