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posted 9 years ago
Last updated 1 year ago.

Hii.. I have created rules in model,like public static $rules = array( 'fname' => 'required',
'mname' => 'required', 'lname' => 'required', 'salary' => 'required|digits_between:4,8', 'address' => 'required', 'city' => 'required', 'gender' => 'required', 'designation' => 'required', ); and used it in controller as..

$validation = Employee::$rules; Form::setValidation($validation);

Its working fine min|max..etc... but ,when i not inserts value in textbox and just pressing Tab it not giving error (ie. put field as a blank).

Is there any prob??.

I wana do validation onblur event. Thanks.

Last updated 9 years ago.

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