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how did you define the messages relationship in the user model ?


Hello Astroanu , I wold Like to first -

  • select all messages that users has added . A user hasMany() Messages as the message belongsTo() User .
  • After select the messages from that User , I wold Like to paginate it .

So I could display all the messages from that users , doing like that -

$all_messages_from_my_user = $this->user->Messages;

Ok , but I cant paginate it . I just can paginate if I do like this - Messages::orderBy('created_at', 'desc')->paginate(10);

But like this , I dont select the messages , from that users .


couldn't you use your original query

$messages = Messages::orderBy('created_at', 'desc')->paginate(10);

and in the foreach loop in the view, eager load the user

foreach ($messages as $message)
    echo $message->user->name;

hello w1n78 , but I want get just those messages from a user .

I can do it , like that , but Ithink that wold be not a good way , making 2 searches -

  • Fist I collect all IDs Messages , from that user .
  • After I make a new search with whereIn , like this -

Here I get all messages from a User

$messages = $this->user->Messages;

Collect all IDs

$display_items_id = array();
foreach ( $messages as $message){

       array_push($display_items_id , message->id );


Make a new search , now with those IDS that I found , AND finaly paginate it whith whereIn .

$get_all_messages_with_pagination = Message::whereIn('id' , $display_items_id )->paginate(20) ;

Some one know A betther way to do it ? I dont know if making 2 searches like this wold be a good approach .


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