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posted 7 years ago
Last updated 2 years ago.

since it's queued the output should be logged on to the queue log. to see if it works, first set the queue driver to sync, this will log everything to the app log. Once that's confirmed change it back to your queue driver and check the output of the queue log.


Thank you, I'll try. Where is the queue log? Should i define it somewhere?

The constructor is logged in the app log, is this correct or both constructor and handler should log to the queue log?

I've tried to queue a closure and that's logged to the app log.


Even by using "sync" as queue driver the handler is not logged, only the constructor.


"handle" method is totally ignored, as even by putting a code that should trigger a "fatal error", nothing is triggered.


could you try using Artisan::queue(); instead of Queue::push();


based on docs, this seems useful to queue artisan commands. I don't have to queue an artisan command, but a laravel command.

The handle() method is never called when queueing (and this is wrote on official docs) because it would be called by the queue worker/listener but this is not happening:

# php artisan queue:work -vvv
Processed: Illuminate\Queue\CallQueuedHandler@call

so, artisan is processing the queue, but is not calling the "handle" method


No advice?


bump. i'm still unable to get this working.


Only a closure is working. any advice?


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