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Last updated 2 years ago.

Your requests will fall only onto the ears of other community members - Taylor doesn't frequent here.

Please post an issue on GitHub if you'd like Taylor to see comments like this. You can also search for his answers on semver and other things related to this inside of the issues. Laravel project doesn't currently follow semver so unfortunately some of this will get mucky. Just from my perspective of how these things go traditionally with the Laravel release cycle:

  • If you're between patch versions and things break (4.0.x), then an issue should definitely be raised. Sometimes it was a bugfix that had accidental functionality.
  • If you're between minor versions (4.x.0), he tends to allow some API breakage but tries to be reasonable.
  • If you're between major versions (x.0.0) then all bets are off and you need to refer to the change log and git commits to see what all was changed. Typically an upgrade path will be provided.

Reviewing diffs before upgrading is recommended always, esp in a system such as yours. I'm curious to know what you meant by "propagating them without notice" since I have to assume someone on your team is checking these diffs prior to updating. (Sorry, couldn't find a way to phrase that in a way that didn't sound like I'm being confrontational, but I'm not trying to be and am just not sure what notification was wanted. Hopefully this information can be raised to Taylor.)

So now's the point where I have to play the devil's advocate and recommend that if you do want a stable platform on which to base your code, you may find Symfony more suitable. They maintain LTS releases along with enterprise-like support cycles where as I think Taylor is still trying to find the right balance for Laravel and likes to keep it pushing the envelop. While he's trying to break BC less I don't think this change will come as fast as you'd like.

I work with Rails stuff a lot so I definitely understand the frustrations that can come along with a non-semver framework that makes some changes that can seem innocent but wind up busting an API call somewhere.

Best of luck in your project!

Last updated 2 years ago.

+1 to OP. I agree, Let @taylor see this, If possible, Kindly add extra title => [ Taylor from laravel, please read it ].


Last updated 2 years ago.

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