Elixir version is messing up

Somehow my "version" part of the elixir gulp build is getting jacked up and I am really confused how to fix it.

The output in terminal says:

unrecognized token s in JSON at position 41

I figured out where this is coming from: rev-manifest.json has this in it. Notice the right-brace-s-quote after the name of the generated file...

  "js/app.js": "js/app-e81f312e80.js"

In package.json I had

    "laravel-elixir": "^6.0.0-10",

I just tried to update it by changing 10 to 15 in the elixir minor version and running npm install but it didn't fix anything.

I can't seem to find any extraneous characters in my JS or CSS that would cause the extra characters to show up.

I can "get back to a working state" by manually deleting the bogus line in rev-manifest, but it comes right back again the next time gulp runs, making browsersync a painful waste of time.

Any suggestions?

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