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Hi, here is a basic question I'm working on the same website which i have been asking questions about recently, here is the new thing that bothers me: I have two feeds page and I will be showing one of them if the user is logged in and the other one if the user is not logged in. But when user is logged in than I dont want to change anything in page except the feeds part, which is in a section, I want to change inside that section, Now I want to ask is there a way that I can deal with it by not just redirectiong to somewhere or another separate page, I want to use a controller just to return that section and not redirect to another page, so that way I believe my code can be less repetitive. any help is appreciated.

astroanu replied 1 year ago Solution

in your view you could check if the user is authed ?

                //// logged in
                 //// logged out

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