AJAX Filters on laravel

Andrew Alexeew posted 5 months ago

How develop that filters on laravel. I am make ajax request and in controller getting data via where(function ($query) use ($filter) { ... } exemple:

            $usersFiltersOther = $users->where(function ($query) use ($filter) {
                foreach ($filter as $item) {
                    if ($item[0] == 'Age') {
                        foreach ($item[1] as $age) {
                            $range = explode('-', $age);

                            $from = (int)$range[0];
                            $to = (int)$range[1];

                            $query->orWhereBetween('age', array($from, $to));

                    $query->orWhereIn($item[0], $item[1]);


But I myself do not like this approach

How do I improve the code? How to make it more convenient and readable? make it not look like noodles

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