Are routes with "_" chars valid ?

petrogromovo posted 1 week ago

Hello, If there is a difference in route description of my laravel 5 app as :

Route::post('run-user-list-export-to-csv', '[email protected]_user_list_export_to_csv');


Route::post('run_user_list_export_to_csv', '[email protected]_user_list_export_to_csv');

I mean if second variant with "_" will work without problems on any modern browsers and does it fit
any strict SOLID,DRY, SEO FREANDLY, any route rules?

I mean that second variant is more convinient to searching in my PHPStorm editor , as writing in search like “run_user_list_export_to_csv” 
will find all js script all, web routes and control definitions ...


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