Artisan down issue

ggg posted 2 weeks ago

Hi all,

I got a problem running the artisan down command. Debugging index.php i see that $response is null, so $response->send() causes an exception.

Any idea?

ggg replied 2 weeks ago

I got it. The problem was that I had overridden the application exceptions handle method for rendering custom error pages (where the view names were also custom). I assume this is not a good practice :)

Tobias van Beek replied 2 weeks ago

Nice that you found it, if you want to overwrite the error pages you should create them in: resources/views/errors/ See:

And bonus tip: let the 500 error view be a standalone html page. On that way you prevent almost always that you get an error in creating the error page.

ariana pham replied 1 week ago

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