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posted 3 months ago

Note: the above was posted as a bug and was posted and immediately closed by laravel staff because I have to post it here to ask first. So i've done that.

Does anyone have any ideas about the above?

Last updated by @elb98rm 3 months ago.

Hello @elb98rm

Did you check that there isn't another request in between that can accidental clear your flash data? I have had that before with an invalid image link that result in a 404 page and cleared the flashed data because it was available on that request.


This is out the box stuff... I can't see any other redirects so I think the answer is no.

    public function store(LoginRequest $request): RedirectResponse


        return redirect()->intended(RouteServiceProvider::HOME)->with('success', 'You have successfully logged in!');
        // note: this is the same as /dashboard - this has no redirect and works as previously stated.

This function is not changed in any way from the Breeze defaults, except for ->with('success', 'You have successfully logged in!'); If there are double redirects, they are part of the Breeze scaffolding. I'm pretty sure they should be updated to not double direct.


Has anyone been able to look at this? I'm still stuck with this issue, even now with L11.


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