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Input Eloquent Database
Last updated 1 year ago.

Hi Ghost,

There is a Lot of things that you should do such create a validation method on you controller,

add a scope to Member:

public function scopeEmails($query, $email)
   return $query->where('email', $email)->first()->exists();

Then you can say:


and it will return true or false, you do not need to check mobile, just set the email to unique and will blow up in the create method.

            return App\Member::create($array);
        catch (QueryException $e)
            $error_code = $e->errorInfo[1];
            if ($error_code == 1062)
                /* try an email that belongs to a member */
                return false;

I hope that shines a light

Last updated 5 years ago.

@lukmauu That didn't work, Let me explain again, what i want to do. I want to check if a member with a particular email exists before creating the member.

so what i want is. In a family i want the members to have a unique email. That's prevent another member from been added to the family with email. thanks.



In Family you must have:

public function members()
    return $this->hasMany(Member::class);

=> and in Member you must have:

public function family()
    return $this->belongsTo(Family::class, 'family_id');

public function scopeEmail($query, $email)
    return $query->Where('email', $email)->count() > 0;

=> and now you can say:

App\Family::findOrFail(10)->members()->email('[email protected]')

=>It will return a bool true if the some member of this Family exists with this email or false otherwise.

=>and also there is a difference between:



Last updated 4 years ago.

@lukmauu didn't later use your method, i did this

 $member_email  =  Member::where("family_id", "=", $request->family_id)->where('email', "=", Input::get('email'))->first();
        $member_mobile  =  Member::where("family_id", "=", $request->family_id)->where('mobile', "=", Input::get('mobile'))->first();

Then i used it

 if($member_email OR $member_mobile ){
//enter code here

Thanks for the help.


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