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You can develop application locally, then export the DB and import it on your hosting.


You can find the table structure in database/migrations/ and then manually create the database tables, however I'd recommend you to avoid web-hosing where you can't use migrations and other artisan commands.


Very interested in knowing why you can't run migrations? Migrations is just php code executing SQL statements.

So: 1/ If you can't run PHP, you can't run laravel. 2/ If you don't have create permissions on the database for instance, you won't be able to create them manually either

So my guess if you can't use migrations because you don't have SSH access, and can't run the command? If that's true, I agree you should look for another provider, but even so you could probably write a Controller that runs the migrations for you, and call it from a browser? Might that work?


Most of providers open SSH after asking for it on support. I did it many times with some cheap hosting providers of some clients.


If I understood your question correctly ... you are not able to connect to your server through command line in order to run artisan commands.. if that is your case you can easily run any artisan command from any controller (don't forget to import Artisan in your controller) or even from routes/web.php

Route::get('/foo', function () {

You can find more here

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