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posted 11 months ago

Elastic IP charges on AWS commonly occur due to a few key factors:

  • Only one Elastic IP is free. Creating extra Elastic IPs incurs hourly charges even if unused.
  • Leaving an Elastic IP unallocated for any period accrues hourly fees. Attachment to an instance is required for freeness.
  • Forgetting to disassociate an Elastic IP from a terminated instance leads to ongoing charges.

Carefully managing Elastic IP allocation and attachment is crucial to avoiding surprise charges. Use just one; attach it promptly when provisioning instances; disassociate immediately when not needed. Following these best practices diligently prevents unnecessary Elastic IP expenses.


My AWS instances are all created by Laravel Vapor Deploy. I don't know if this Elastic IP is being used by Vapor or somewhere in the deployment. I am not that good with AWS though. But in my AWS console it is indeed not attached to a running instance.

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Elastic IP is static and can be used as default IP while deploying Laravel Vapor in AWS.


@markpavia I wonder if you have found a solution for this. I am having the same problem. Thank you


I deleted the floating IP and am still running A-OK.


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