Eloquent JSON field, selecting attribute produce extra quote

Robert Girhiny posted 10 months ago

This code:

$translation = Translation::where('language_id', 2)
            ->select('data->navigation_login as navigation_login')

Produce this result: array(1) {["navigation_login"]=> string(7) ""Login"" }

The problem is the extra double quote arround the login string: ""Login""

How can I eliminate this?

If I run the aboe code without select:

$translation = Translation::where('language_id', 2)

No double quotes:

  array(3) {
    string(5) "Login"
    string(5) "Order"
    string(7) "Sign up"

Here is a snippet from the model:

class Translation extends Model {

    protected $casts = [
        'data' => 'array',

Here is a snippet from the schema:


Here is the row from the database:

{"navigation_login": "Login", "navigation_order": "Order", "navigation_registration": "Sign up"}
Robert Girhiny replied 10 months ago

The solution:

MySQL 5.7.13 and later

Using the unquoting extraction operator ->>

->select('data->>navigation_login as navigation_login')

Or older mysql version 5.7 < MYSQL < 5.7.13

->select(\DB::raw("JSON_UNQUOTE(JSON_EXTRACT(data, '$.navigation_login')) as navigation_login"))

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