Extend Auth Facade with a method

I would like to access a column called "access_level" in table "roles". The thing now is that I wanted to avoid middlewares as it needs to be executed (checked) on every page load, what implies passing the same middleware to every route. Now I could query it and passing it to every route which is somehow same as passing the same middleware. In order to avoid that passing and exclude logic from blade, I was thinking to extend the Auth Facade simply with a method that returns the access level. From that point I can just say @if (Auth::getAccessLevel > 3) ... @endif.

Now I want your opinion on this, how good approach is this? I wanna be able to show certain parts of the website according to the user's access level.

Iff it is a good approach, why my method implemented in GuardHelpers.php isn't visible? Most of the Auth methods are implemented there.


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