FatalThrowableError Call to undefined function openssl_encrypt()

Charlie posted 11 months ago

I'm new to Laravel so I'm not really sure what the cause of this is.

I installed Composer and followed the installation guide on the Laravel website. I'm installing it onto localhost - using UniServer.

I have: -> PHP 7.1 -> Apache 2.4 -> Laravel 5.4 -> All extensions installed and "enabled" enter image description here

TheUltraGrey replied 11 months ago

You have Open SSL php extension missing or disabled so, make sure it is installed and enabled by checking your php configuration with the phpinfo() function.

Charlie replied 11 months ago

On the phpinfo it says it is enabled.

Thomas Cong replied 7 months ago

I got same problem. It works fine on php artisan. But not work on Apache. Please help :(

astroanu replied 7 months ago

There are two php.ini files. One is php.ini which is used by apache or nginx, php-cli.ini is used by the cli only. You need to enable the extension on both ini files.

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