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posted 1 year ago
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Make sure you are using the forge variable in the deployment script like this: $FORGE_VAR_{param}

I ran this deployment trigger:

Used it like this in my deployment script: echo "This is my env variable: " $FORGE_VAR_NAME; (Note: my query param is name. If your query param name is xyz, forge variable will be $FORGE_VAR_XYZ)

Output: This is my env variable: durgesh

Last updated 1 year ago.

Thank you for the quick response. It's strange because that is exactly what I did ($FORGE_VAR_XYZ).

To set the context a bit, I'm trying to dynamically set the pull branch within the deployment script. I'm using curl to send a GET request, and my branch value has a / in it (e.g user/feature-1). The GET deploy URL is "${Trigger URL}&branch=${Branch name}", I verified within my CICD that the url is correct (in that the values are injected correctly). Now, when the deployment is triggered, and I inspect the echo in the logs, the $FORGE_VAR_BRANCH is empty.

Did you send a POST in your deployment trigger?


This seems weird. I just tried passing a branch to my deployment script and was able to get the value in a variable.

My trigger:

Deployment script:

echo "Branch: $FORGE_VAR_BRANCH"

Deployment log:

Mon 25 Apr 2022 03:19:44 PM UTC
Branch: sprints/sprint-1

Please share your deployment code and cURL function.

BTW I'm using the normal GET method by directly visiting the URL in the browser.

Last updated 1 year ago.
Solution selected by @howlowck

Thanks. I removed the curl request within the CICD out of the equation and did a browser GET request like you did with a ${URL}&branch=feature/feature-1.

Here is my deploy code:

echo "---- begin echo ----"
echo "branch is $FORGE_ENV_BRANCH"
echo "---- end echo ----"

And here is the resulting log:

Tue Apr 26 03:06:44 UTC 2022
---- begin echo ----
branch is 
---- end echo ----

It should be $FORGE_VAR_BRANCH and not $FORGE_ENV_BRANCH !


Thanks @dwebpixel 🤦‍♂️ That fixed the browser requested GET; I was able to get the value in the deployment script. However when I tried using my curl command in GitHub Actions (simply curl ${URL}&branch=feature/feature-1). I'm still getting empty values.

Regardless, at least I know now it's not on Forge's side. I'll dig more on the curl/GH Actions side. Thanks again!


If you are triggering the request from the Laravel app, you can simply use the in-built HTTP client it provides to call your request.

$response = Http::get('', [
    'token' => 'XXX',
    'branch' => 'feature/feature-1',



Thanks @dwebpixel for your help. I'm using GitHub Actions inline to call the trigger URL with a curl command. I figured out what I was doing wrong.

I was doing curl ${TRIGGER_URL}&branch=${BRANCH}, without quotes. & is a special character in bash. So not only was branch query string not set, I was making the entire curl call asynchronous.

After wrapping the URL in quotes (i.e. curl "${TRIGGER_URL}&branch=${BRANCH}"), I was able to correctly see the value in my deploy script log.

Thanks again for your attention and help!

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