Help on an old dev in Laravel 3 to be transposed in Laravel


For the engine/server part of a free virtual reality/opensource environment that can run on Windows, MacOs, and Linux lacks a Web manager for both local and hosted mode needs

Basically we were thinking of using MWI which is with an old version of Laravel, 3.XX I think and therefore also an old PHP. It works since we use it online for our Test Grid / Demo but you have to put an old version of php, which is not top rated security etc..

The goal is already to upgrade it with a recent version of Laravel and PHP Then the goal is to develop or take over some of the functions to create a new tool and add other functions such as reading, editing and saving.ini files and transposing command lines to "buttons and web fields";)

As a result, simple users no longer have to stick their noses into "Klingon" files or learn how to do command lines;)

Basically to help with this project not too much need to know the engine / server itself, but either

to operate the old MWI and observe how it works and interacts with the motor/server
or better to upgrade his Laravel and PHP, see also bdd... to make it work and enrich it... which is pure dev Laravel;)

But we never found a way to do the big upgrade gap between Laravel 3 and 5 or 6, and even less with the 7

As a result, some beginner trainees tried to do from scratch with a more recent Laravel: 5.X For the moment they have only managed to read .ini files etc. Even if there are some mistakes, it works.

It remains to refine a little to simplify also the visible part for the simple users who do not need to be lost at first with I do not know how many settings while basic just 5 to 7 are enough;)

But it lacks the initial functions for creating accounts etc. that MWI contains, and which must interact with the database of the engine / server, that we can't fully understand because we can't get the old MWI working...

We found a site, for a fee, that would allow us to upgrade Laravel: But doesn't seem to take into account the Laravel 3...

Do you know Laravelshift? Do you know of any other similar tools/systems? Would you know how to upgrade from Laravel 3 to 5.X other than by what is offered online and paid for while not on the result if you pay;) If so, don't hesitate to contact me to help me;)

If not, would you know someone who could help based on this information?

Thank you for your help

PS: Our project is to set up the functional bases and then launch calls for donations and participatory financing to already 2 large communities that are waiting for a tool like our "Manager". One is technically rather passive with more than 2 million unique accounts, the other more active with more than 100,000 people. In the end, the aim is to find funding for a team of more than 5 to 7 people in development, and full-time equivalent employees. Those who help and look for a job are in this case the first to whom we will offer a job or other..

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