how to bring the record from other view to another view

hai everyone, i just entering into programming and i have created an app using php and laravel but i hit a wall.. My problem is i have a view that contain a list that call stock.list in it have id , stock_code_id and quantity.. the problem is on the stock_code_id where it is a child from stockCode table in my DB where it take id where i want it to take description based on the id from table stockCode and appear in view stock.list.. i just do not know how to search in google and kind question that i can ask to google..

Cameron replied 5 months ago

are you working with relationships? Meaning, you have a Stock table and a StockCode table in your database?

alicetaylor replied 4 months ago

I am very happy to read this. Appreciate your sharing

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peterpen replied 3 months ago

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