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Last updated 2 years ago.

You must pass data to the view share() method in key value pairs.

  1. try to dump the Channel::all(), whether it gives come data that you can access ? becoz this function might not be returning as expected.

  2. See the logs . What do they indicate ?

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how to dump data which comes from database ? I dont know . would like to help me please from that picture file . the model is Channel


What is the Channel model about ? what does the Channel::all() method return ? simply go to web routes call a route

Route::get('/testroute', function (){ return Channel::all(); } );

if this returns error then share the image of the error. as well share the image of dump and die Route::get('/testroute', function (){ dd(Channel::all()); } );

Last updated 4 years ago.

Also according to Larvael migrations guide . the defaultstringlength should be set to 191.

public function boot() { Schema::defaultStringLength(191); }

Laravel uses the utf8mb4 character set by default, which includes support for storing "emojis" in the database.

i m not sure if 150 string length can support that. may be you migrations have worked well but the Channel:all() model method is not working for that.
your uploaded image image doesn't help you should share the code of Channel model. as well as dd(Channel::all());

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