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1 month ago

Hello @antnb

Can you tell us what the editor is that you use? That can help to see if there is an option to allow it.


hi @tvbeek

im using ckeditor

i use search in file , and I found configuration on platform/core/base/config/general.php

    'purifier'  => [
        'default' => [
            'HTML.Doctype'             => 'HTML 4.01 Transitional',
            'HTML.Allowed'             => 'div,b,strong,i,em,u,a[href|title|rel|style|target],ul,ol,li,p[style],br,span[style],img[width|height|alt|src|style],button,ins[style|data-ad-client|data-ad-slot|data-ad-format|data-full-width-responsive],video[src|type|width|height|preload|controls|autoplay|autostart|poster|id|class]',
            'HTML.AllowedElements'     => [
            'HTML.SafeIframe'          => 'true',
            // Add to .env if you want to allow all.
            // CMS_IFRAME_FILTER_URL_REGEX=/^(.*)/
            'URI.SafeIframeRegexp'     => env('CMS_IFRAME_FILTER_URL_REGEX', '%^(http://|https://|//)(' . env('CMS_IFRAME_ALLOWED_URLS', '|') . ')%'),
            'Attr.AllowedFrameTargets' => ['_blank'],
            'CSS.AllowedProperties'    => [
            'CSS.MaxImgLength'         => null,
            'AutoFormat.AutoParagraph' => false,
            'AutoFormat.RemoveEmpty'   => false,
        'custom_elements'   => [
            ['u', 'Inline', 'Inline', 'Common'],
            ['button', 'Inline', 'Inline', 'Common'],
            ['ins', 'Inline', 'Inline', 'Common'],
        'custom_attributes' => [
            ['a', 'rel', 'Text'],
            ['ins', 'data-ad-client', 'Text'],
            ['ins', 'data-ad-slot', 'Text'],
            ['ins', 'data-ad-format', 'Text'],
            ['ins', 'data-ad-full-width-responsive', 'Text'],
            ['img', 'data-src', 'Text'],
            ['video', 'autoplay', 'Text'],

I tried to edit div into div[itemscope|itemprop|itemtype] but it seems that's not the correct one

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