Laraship Marketplace, a Laravel Multi Vendor eCommerce

Marwan Khanfar posted 2 weeks ago

When building a multi-vendor e-commerce platform, there are many aspects to be considered and a lot of modules to be developed, with Laraship Marketplace, you have the access to the full source code of the famous Laravel modular platform with a lot of payment modules and plugins

below are some of the features available :

  • Product Management: Multi-Vendor e-commerce products where sellers can sell different product types: Simple, Variable, Shippable, External, Downloadable.

  • Reward Points Collection and Redeem with Referral System.

  • Advertisement management: on Admin and Vendor Level to add campaigns and banner.

  • Store Management.

  • Commission configuration: can be adjusted per subscription plan.

  • Subscription Management for vendor subscribing.

  • Transactions Management.

  • Internal communications between different users in the system.

  • Tax Management: Multiple tax classes per product and tax rules Per Country, State, Zip & Priority with compound taxes.

  • Shipping Management: Support both Flat Rating Shipping and Shippo Integration with shipping rules. includes tracking and shipping labels.

  • Search Engine: Powerfull shop page with powerful search results using Full-text search indexes.

Brand Management.

  • 3 Awesome Theme using Bootstrap 4 ( Marketplace Master & Marketplace Pro themes) Orders & Invoices.

Withdrawal Requests from for Vendor available balances.

  • Product Tags & categories.

  • Inventory Mangement.

  • Variable Attributes, Options & Filters Per Product.

  • Coupons & Discounts: with powerful options and customizations.

  • Ajax Cart & Checkout Wizard

  • Paypal & Credit Card Payments powered by Stripe.

  • Ratings & Reviews.

  • Wishlist Management.

  • Social Sharing.

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