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posted 3 years ago
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If you do

$name = Auth::user()->roles();

you are accessing the relationship object of the user with roles

if you do

$name = Auth::user()->roles;

You are accessing a collection of Role models that are associated to the user

If you want to get the first role assigned to the user (Assuming is a Has Many) you should do it like this

$role = Auth::user()->roles->first();
if (!$role) {
    // if there is no role assigned do something
$name = $role->name;

Of course it will depend also on what you want to do if there is no role assigned. Hope it helps.


Thank you for your help. This is what I have and now I get Property [name] does not exist on this collection instance.

public function redirectTo() { $role = Auth::user()->roles->first(); if (!$role) { $this->redirectTo = route('user.dashboard'); return $this->redirectTo; } else if(Route::has($name = Auth::user()->roles->name.'.dashboard')){ return route($name); } } }


That is because you are trying to get a property Name out of the collection

$name = Auth::user()->roles->name

Auth::user()->roles returns a Collection. You have to grab the first item in the collection with first like you already did in $role = Auth::user()->roles->first() so just use the $role variable instead of getting the roles again from the user from the guard.


OK I have this and its logging in no matter what role to the /home.blade.php Do I need to make a change in the redirectifauthenticated file as well?

public function redirectTo() { $role = Auth::user()->roles->first(); if (!$role) { $this->redirectTo = route('user.dashboard'); return $this->redirectTo; } else if(Route::has($name =$role.'.dashboard')){ return route($name); dd($name); } } }


yeah, if fact you should have this probably as a helper or something because you may need it in different places, like in the middleware but also in the login controller after a user logs in, registration ETC.


Or you could create a new middleware and apply it to the stack. There are many options but without more context it may need more work.


Doesn't matter what I do, it all goes back to home.blade.php. I want it to go to a certain dashboard based on the role so for instance registrar role goes to the route registrar.dashboard which in the controller links to a view registrar.dashboard. I am really struggling with the redirects.


My other option is to do something like this but I get Route[registrar.dashboard] not found

` Route::get('/dashboard','RegistrarController@dashboard')->name('registrar.dashboard');

public function redirectTo() { if(Auth::user()->hasRole('registrar')){ $this->redirectTo = route('registrar.dashboard'); return $this->redirectTo; } else{ if(Auth::user()->hasRole('webmaster')){ $this->redirectTo = route('webmaster.dashboard'); return $this->redirectTo; } } if(Auth::user()->hasRole('team')){ $this->redirectTo = route('team.dashboard'); return $this->redirectTo; } else { if(Auth::user()->hasRole('sponsor')){ $this->redirectTo = route('sponsor.dashboard'); return $this->redirectTo; } }

if(Auth::user()->hasRole('pastor')){ $this->redirectTo = route('pastor.dashboard'); return $this->redirectTo; } else { if(Auth::user()->hasRole('pilgrim')){ $this->redirectTo = route('pilgrim.dashboard'); return $this->redirectTo; } } `


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