Laravel E-Commerce with Aimeos 2019.04

aimeos posted 3 months ago

Hi there

The new stable 2019.04 release of the Aimeos e-commerce framework is available. It focuses on developer happiness and even more speed :-)

Facades offer the simplest way to add e-commerce or an online shop to your own application:

Resonse::view( 'shop.catalog.list', [
    'listbody' => Shop::get( 'catalog/lists' )->getBody(),
    'listhead' => Shop::get( 'catalog/lists' )->getHeader()
] );

You can easily build your custom shop pages too, e.g. to create a custom listing:

use \Aimeos\Shop\Facades\Product;

$items = Product::uses(['text', 'media', 'price'])
    ->sort('name')->slice(0, 48)->search();

The APIs have been improved a lot and complex queries are now even faster than before.

For more information please have a look at:

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